based on this well that was fun. but it took me two days.

um some ppl says about flower’s color meaning, so when i was coloring it, i didn’t think about meaning of rose’s color. and i didn’t even think about it as rose..??

of course the original picture set is red rose tho but you know it could be rose, or some other flowers.

think whatever as you want. it could be jealousy or friendship or some really different means. haha;

(Plus i was think of Arendelle’s border color not about means of flower color)

and i’m sorry i don’t know i explain it right.

okay i’ll just add it in here bc i think it’d be better.

frozen elsanna


*puts laptop bottom over stomach to help with period cramps*

me and sarah


step 1: think about the quote “don’t go where i can’t follow” in relation to your otp

step 2: feel sad

Is it just a bad night or am I getting bad again?
I ask myself this all the time (via lonexwxlf)